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Промокод можно применить один раз при первом заказе. The first New World settlement was established in Jamestown in America in Canada has two official languages - English and French. Объявления о помощи. The official head of Canada is the Queen of the United Kingdom.

The national emblem of New Zealand is a flightless bird kiwi. And silver fern is a sporting emblem.

TOP 7 English Speaking Countries in the World 2017

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Мы все исправим! Реферат English Speaking Countries. English Speaking Countries Except for the United Kingdom there are some other countries in the world where people speak English and this english speaking countries доклад is one of the official languages. There is the flag of the UK on the Australian banner, a large seven-pointed star beneath it and the Southern Cross constellation The most popular Australian animals as well as informal Australian symbols are the koala, emu and kangaroo.

Тип работы:. Englishmen are proud of their traditions and carefully keep them up. Christmas day is one of their favorite holidays. Traditions connected with it are to give presents to each other, to send Christmas cards and to make traditional Christmas dinner with turkey and pudding. The population of the USA is about million people.

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Most of Americans speak English. But there we can also meet French, German and other languages. The USA is a highly developed industrial country. Australia and New Zealand Australia and New Zealand are situated in the southern hemisphere summer, so the warmest month is January, and the coldest winter month is June. Snow falls only on the mountain there. Сколько стоит написать твою работу?

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Работа уже оценивается. Relations between Ukraine and English - speaking countries As we have wide and intensive relations with English - speaking countries English is one of the most popular foreign languages in Ukraine.

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Famous journalists of the English speaking country : Benjamin Franklin Виконала. Benjamin Franklinwas a jack-of-all-trades and master of many.

The British people Британский народ. History of development of territory. The Climate of Ukraine.

The population of the U. Great Britain is a capitalists country.

The population of the USA is more then million people. The USA is a highly develoed industrial country.

English Speaking Countries

Geographical location, state organization and population of England. Its remarkable sights and ancient monuments. The history of the English language. Three main types of difference in any language: geographical, social and temporal.

Comprehensive analysis of the current state of the lexical system.

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Etymological layers of English: Latin, Scandinavian and French. India the second largest country in the world populationwide.

На главную. День Благодарения в Америке. Все права на рефераты, курсовые и дипломные работы принадлежат их создателям. The aborigines, the Australian natives, represent about 1. Primary modes of transportation in Canada, hotel services, restaurants, main sectors within the catering industry, tourism industry and domestic tourism demand.

There are many sightseeing: Agra, Taj Mahal, Jaipur and many others. The Mediterranean race.

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Geography and environment.